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Anyone can be a restoration champion. Be a part of the movement. Restor is a community of nature stewards conserving and restoring over 100,000 nature sites across 140 countries. We work to restore degraded ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and support conditions for sustainable livelihoods.

Restor supports your restoration project

Connect to peers

Restor connects restoration experts, practitioners, and nature enthusiasts worldwide. We connect to share knowledge that supports nature conservation and restoration for a sustainable future for all.

Ecological insights

Restor offers FREE ecological data, including 30+ data layers related to biodiversity, carbon, and land cover, and FREE high-resolution satellite imagery to support your planning and decision-making.

Discover new restoration projects

Our extensive search tools make Restor the go-to platform for finding new restoration projects and securing collaboration and funding opportunities.

Find funding opportunities

Use Restor's growing directory of funding opportunities for nature conservation and restoration to find funding to support with scaling up your nature project

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What our users say

Altair Rodriguez

Finca Tierra Negra

The incredible part about Restor is the connection. Connecting to projects even in the same country. I was thrilled to find this platform and I found a small project nearby that I didn’t even know existed!

Greater Princess Vlei

Conservation Area

Our team uses Restor to bolster the visibility of the Princess Vlei, attract funding for the continued restoration of the site, and connect with other organizations working with wetlands


Humans for Abundance

Restor is our essential ally. Their technology makes it possible for our restorers to see the positive effects of their efforts, inspiring them to continue the hard work

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